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NYJTL Partners with Grand Street Settlement

The Community Tennis Program (CTP) is now partnering with Grand Street Settlement, a historic social service institution that provides personalized resources and direct services to NYC families and communities. NYJTL’s collaboration with the institution operates in Bushwick Cornerstone and Williamsburg Cornerstone, with a third site at Rutgers Cornerstone by early next year. Participants at these new sites will receive free tennis instruction with equipment provided at no cost. NYJTL is excited to partner with Grand Street Settlement to align around our shared missions of serving the city’s under-resourced youth from low-income communities.

ACES Celebrates Thanksgiving

On November 23, 2021 the ACES Afterschool Program (ACES) participants of PS 93 in Brooklyn celebrated Thanksgiving by having an afternoon filled with holiday meals and activities. Students from kindergarten through 5th grade enjoyed a festive lunch to celebrate the holiday followed by homework help sessions to work on their day school assignments.  Once homework was completed, students wrote and decorated holiday cards giving thanks to their families and loved ones. Younger students colored activity sheets that taught them the importance of gratitude while older students enjoyed a movie after playing brain teaser games. After a fun and enriching afternoon of exercising their holiday spirit, PS 93 ACES students were picked up by their families and ready to return home.

ACES x Padlet

Padlet is an educational technology that has recently been launched by ACES and has innovated the way in which our staff, administrators, and parents interact. Padlet is a live bulletin board that allows for uniformity of agency amongst our sites. It has served as an essential tool that creatively streamlines core areas and materials necessary for the effective operation of our programs promoting STEM, literacy, fitness, arts, and leadership for all ACES participants.

Family Testimonial

“I am so¬†grateful and appreciative we are in the CTP program! It is an invaluable¬†resource. Tennis is a highly respected sport that provides valuable opportunities. It is also very expensive to pursue.¬† As a single parent, I am passionate about providing opportunities for my girls to have; a¬†positive¬†and quality childhood, education, self-image, life, etc…Thank you NYJTL for all that you do!”¬†– CTP Parent

CTP Holiday Tournament!

  • Girls 12s, 14s, & 18s
    • Tuesday, December 28, 2021
  • Boys 12s, 14s, & 18s
    • Wednesday, December 29, 2021
  • Boys and Girls: 8 & Under
    • Thursday, December 30, 2021

All tournaments are held from 8 am to 12 pm (Registration begins at 7:30 am) at the Cary Leeds Center. Just show up and play!

The Racket

The Racket¬†ūüéĺ
Matthew & Emmanuel Usman 
CTP+ Player Feature

Twin brothers, Matthew and Emmanuel Usman have been a part of the CTP program for several years. Not only are they a part of the CTP+ Program, a program designed for players who have demonstrated competitive ability and potential beyond the level of those at their current CTP location, but they are also coaches.

Emmanuel highlights his initial experience with NYJTL:¬†“The¬†very first time I went to NYJTL was probably¬†my¬†most memorable. I was super nervous because I decided to try a new sport at 15 years old. Christian Georges was my first coach during the Winter Weekend Indoors program at the NTC. I saw so many kids playing of all ages, all levels and from so many different backgrounds. It was super fun even if I was bad at the sport at the time.”¬†For Matthew, “the best part of being with NYJTL is realizing that it’s impossible to stop growing, from good days to bad days on court there is always something to take away. The many friends and coaches I spend entire seasons training, playing, and competing with create bonds and memories that I will never forget.”

Emmanuel and Matthew appreciated the CTP+ program. For them, it is a huge opportunity to perfect their mental and physical strength. Through this program, their confidence in their abilities and to compete increased.

Matthew and Emmanuel are both excited for the CTP Winter session to start November 13!

Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month and is a time to celebrate rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and histories, and to acknowledge the important contributions of Native people. Heritage Month is also an opportunity to raise a general awareness about the challenges Native people have faced both historically and in the present, and the ways in which tribal citizens have worked to conquer these challenges.

ACES Fall Festival

The ACES Fall Festival was BACK this year! After a COVID hiatus, on October 11, all 27 ACES Afterschool sites participated in the event. However, to ensure the safety of all NYJTL participants and staff, the event was held at each individual site, and partially over Zoom. There were games, bounce houses, a carnival, raffles, prizes and more! Hundreds of children from ACES schools all across the five boroughs participated.

STP Training is BACK!

The School Time Tennis Program (STP) trainings are run at the Cary Leeds Center for Tennis & Learning, with the purpose of instructing Physical Education teachers how to teach the fundamentals of tennis in school, and to provide instructional drills and games to use during physical education time. The first training session of the school year is December 8!

Welcome Shenay Perry

Shenay Perry is the NEW Associate Director Of High Performance And Adult Programming!
Shenay played on the WTA tour with a career high of #40 in singles and #97 in doubles, and has worked with some remarkable players like Coco Gauff and Sofia Kenin as juniors and Kristie Ahn at the pro level.

Breast Cancer Walk

On October 8, one of our ACES Afterschool sites, PS 129, had a Breast Cancer Walk! They provided their school administration with breast cancer awareness bags, and did a pink & white balloon release. Way to go, team!

The Cary Leeds Center has you covered.

The bubble at the Cary Leeds Center went up October 13-14 to weather you from the storm.

The Racket

The Racket¬†ūüéĺ

CTP Expands Services with Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation Funds

The Community Tennis Program has expanded its services to include CTP+, a program to advance the tennis ability of dedicated CTP players. The goal of the CTP+ program will be to develop tennis technique at a higher level. It is designed for those players who have proven their competitive ability and potential beyond the level of their peers.

This new program will be FREE for players and their families, including extended hours of play (during both the outdoor and indoor seasons), smaller coach to player ratios, and be run out of Linden Park (Brooklyn) and Forest Park (Queens) for the outdoor season.

The¬†launch¬†began¬†the¬†week of¬†September¬†13¬†and¬†will¬†run through¬†the end of October¬†for the fall season.¬†READ THE FULL STORY…

National Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15 to October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month. NYJTL celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month to recognize the achievements and contributions of our Hispanic students, players, coaches, teachers, and leaders who inspire us to be our best selves.

The Boathouse Bash Center

It was great to be #backtotheboathouse last week! We had a night under the stars with an auction, dancing, food, and more! Check out our photo gallery!

Gordon Reid

NYJTL partnered with UNIQLO to bring world No. 4 in singles, world No. 1 in doubles, Paralympic gold medalist and three-time Grand Slam singles champion Gordon Reid to the Cary Leeds Center! The kids had an amazing time on the court with him!

The Racket

The Racket¬†ūüéĺ

NYJTL x Naomi Osaka

Last week, participants from the Community Tennis Program got the opportunity to meet Naomi Osaka, reigning champion at the US Open and the Australian Open, and the first Asian player to hold the top ranking in singles.

NYJTL partnered with Laureus Sports, an organization founded under the Patronage of Nelson Mandela, and their Sport for Good initiative that uses sport as a powerful and cost-effective tool to help children and young people overcome violence, discrimination, and disadvantage in their lives. This year, Osaka was awarded the Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year.

NYJTL kids had the opportunity to hit with Naomi on the newly refurbished Detective Keith L. Williams Park in Jamaica, Queens, where her journey as a tennis player began.  It was an inspiring day, and one that our kids will remember for a lifetime.

Community Tennis

This summer the CTP program served nearly 4,500 players at 23 sites, in all five NYC boroughs! The kids had the opportunity to work on their tennis skills, get exercise, and make some new friends. Congratulations to our CTP coaches, who coach from the heart!

ACES Afterschool

This school year, the ACES program ran¬†summer programs at¬†28 school sites¬†with full enrollment targets fulfilled.¬†23 schools received above average rating, validating NYJTL’s leadership role in providing excellent afterschool programming. Way to go ACES team!

The Cary Leeds Center

Nearly 1,500 campers spent their summer days keeping active on court, making new tennis friends, and perfecting their game! Campers worked on their technique in the development level and honed their tournament play in the high performance level.

Taste of Tennis

NYJTL partnered with our friends at Taste of Tennis to bring their food truck of paletitas, made by Chef Fanny Gerson, to the Cary Leeds Center on August 11. The kids loved their cold, sweet treats after a long day of tennis!

CTP Expands Services with Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation Funds

The Community Tennis Program has created a new pilot program, CTP+, to further advance the tennis ability of dedicated CTP players. The goal of the CTP+ program will be to develop tennis technique at a higher level. It is designed for those players who have proven their competitive ability and potential beyond the level of their peers. This new program will be FREE for players and their families, including extended hours of play (during both the outdoor and indoor seasons), smaller coach to player ratios, and be run out of Linden Park (Brooklyn) and Forest Park (Queens) for the outdoor season. The launch began the week of September 13 and will run through the end of October for the fall season. 

Tryouts were conducted on August 17, 18, and 30 and over 130 CTP players came out to Co-Op City and Linden Park to try out. 

Twenty to 25 players were selected to take part in the CTP+ Program at each site. Programming is held three days a week with instruction and match play included. 

Curriculum and coach training was created and executed by Ahsha Rolle, Director of Tennis, with dynamic warm-ups and weekly themes including consistency, direction, depth, spin, power, and weapon development. Players will also get the opportunity to play in USTA sanctioned tournaments, get transportation to inter-mural competitions, special tennis equipment, and uniforms.  

Coach Lorraine, from the Co-Op City site was recognized by the Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation for her work in the NYJTL Community Tennis Program. Coach Lorraine, along with her late-husband Milton Alexander, started the NYJTL Co-Op City site 40 years ago because of the powerful and positive impact that the sport had on their lives. As a child, Ms. Lorraine always loved tennis, but it was not something readily available in her community. Eventually, after finding someone willing to teach her tennis, Ms. Lorraine met her husband on the courts of Co-Op City and decided to teach tennis to the children to give them an opportunity that they would not have had otherwise. 

Ms. Lorraine believes¬†that¬†‚Äúif you engage children in something constructive, they will never get involved in anything destructive‚ÄĚ,¬†therefore creating a space for children to build character in her community was important to her and her husband.¬†

Dick‚Äôs Sporting Goods Foundation¬†(DSG Foundation), through their ‚ÄúSports Matter‚ÄĚ initiative, acknowledged¬†Ms. Lorraine‚Äôs dedication in creating a positive and safe space for the community at Co-Op City. DSG Foundation‚Äôs ‚ÄúSports Matter‚ÄĚ initiative recognizes that ‚Äúsports build character, increase confidence, motivate kids to stay in school and aim for higher education; teaching life lessons that extend well beyond the playing field‚ÄĚ.¬†

At last year’s Virtual Leadership Luncheon, NYJTL announced the DSG Foundation’s generous donation of $100,000 to the NYJTL Community Tennis Program to be used over a four-year span, so that coaches like Ms. Lorraine can continue to develop the character of young people though tennis. 

The Racket

The Racket¬†ūüéĺ

ITP Tryouts: Review

On July 24,¬†the Cary Leeds Center for Tennis & Learning hosted the Intensive Training Program tryouts. More than 100¬†players came to show us their tennis skills and passion!¬†With smaller coach-to-student ratios and increased access to tennis, ITP¬†bridges the gap between recreational community-based programs and high performance¬†training. It is designed¬†for current or past participants of NYJTL Community Tennis and ACES Afterschool Programs. ¬†This year’s team will be announced in the following weeks.

You can learn more about the ITP Program here.

Ahsha Rolle Hosts Coaching Seminar

Ahsha Rolle, Director of Tennis, hosted a training session for NYJTL coaches in CTP and ACES, with more that 80 people in attendance at the Cary Leeds Center for Tennis & Learning!

NYJTL Establishes Louis Marx, Jr. Educational Scholarships

NYJTL is proud to announce that Louis Marx, Jr. has endowed college scholarships for NYJTL program participants! The initial Marx Scholar Athletes will be selected later this year and will receive an aggregate of $20,000 in scholarships. Read the full press release.

USTA Foundation Scholarship Winner

Anthony Garcia, participant of the CTP program in Roosevelt Island was awarded $10,000 as the recipient of a Nora McNeely Hurley Leadership Award! He was selected based on his academic excellence, participation in NYTL, and community involvement.

Cary Leeds Center Community Engagement

The Cary Leeds Center is working in collaboration with local Phipps and Murphy houses to identify local youth to join their summer camp free of charge as well as the Community Youth Tennis Trainings Fridays and Saturdays.