NYJTL x AD LOVE Draw for Love Challenge Winner Announced!


NYJTL and AD LOVE would like to announce Conor from the Bronx as the winner of the Draw for Love Challenge! Conor got to see his design go from crayon on paper to a high quality screenprint. The design has been screen printed on a 100% medium-weight ring-spun cotton dark grey long sleeve tee. All profits from the sale of the t-shirt benefit NYJTL’s transformative tennis and education programs.

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NYJTL and AD LOVE, a grassroots tennis apparel company,  partnered for the NYJTL x AD LOVE Draw for Love Challenge! Over 1,000 participants in the ACES Afterschool Program submitted drawings featuring elements of New York City, love, and of course, tennis. After much deliberation, Conor’s design stood out above the others based on the inclusion of the three elements and his artistic execution.

The T-Shirt Design Challenge gave students a chance to not only to express themselves creatively, but to see their design benefit the entire under-resourced population that participates in NYJTL programs. Arts and design are increasingly being adopted into traditional STEM disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in order to stimulate innovation. Research conducted by Michigan State University suggests that children involved in arts programs used their artistic skills “such as analogies, playing, intuition and imagination to solve complex problems.”   The challenge presented an opportunity to foster a child’s artistic expression for the benefit of their peers and their community, with the hope that these children will continue to apply creativity and innovation to other areas of academia and their future career paths.

NYJTL’s 3rd Annual Performing Arts Showcase Celebrates Creativity and Artistic Achievement

In a flurry of brightly colored tulle tutus and striking face paint, 350 students from 27 schools in New York City performed their way across the stage for the “Step Into the Spotlight: ACES Artists Take Center Stage” Visual Arts Showcase. Held at the Milton C. Bassin Performing Arts Center at CUNY York College on Tuesday, June 11, the showcase brought participants of NYJTL’s ACES Afterschool Program together to celebrate their artistic achievements.

Student perform at NYJTL's 30th Annual Visual Arts Showcase

The visual arts showcase gave children an opportunity to proudly present their creativity to their friends and family through performance art and a visual art gallery, curated by Melissa Vega, Site Director at M.S. 378X/Icahn 2. The venue also holds a deeper significance: the bright lights of the stage at CUNY York College illuminate the path to higher education .Student perform at NYJTL's 30th Annual Visual Arts Showcase

“This event doesn’t only allow us to showcase the immense talent housed within our ACES programs, but it also gives us ability the to put into practice the emphasis we place on character year-round. This annual event allows us to reiterate to those who join us that tennis is who we are, but it isn’t all we are,” said Ryan Mitchell, NYJTL Program Manager.

Student perform at NYJTL's 30th Annual Visual Arts ShowcaseThe ACES Afterschool program uses tennis as an avenue to teach children the life skills necessary for success later on in life, though it doesn’t stop there. Activity specialists also offer instruction in everything from art and dance to robotics and cooking in order to develop character and ignite a passion for learning in children that goes beyond the classroom.

See Our Students In Action!

Visual Art Gallery Contest

NYJTL and Universal Tennis Present the #MyUTRImpact Video Submission Campaign

Submit your #MyUTRImpact video and win the UTR Award!

NYJTL and Universal Tennis have partnered for the 30th Annual NYJTL Mayor’s Cup to bring you a fun way to tell a story about how tennis has changed your life!

Here’s how you can submit your #MyUTRImpact story! Follow these steps:
1. Download the Greenfly app to your phone.
2. Use code “UTRMayorsCup” to sign up.
3. Record your video on your phone say your name, UTR and how tennis has impacted your life.
4. Upload the video to the Greenfly app by pressing on “send videos or photos anytime”
5. In the “Add a description” area, write your  name, UTR, your  Instagram handle and/or Twitter handle and #MyUTRImpact
6. Then press “send”!

Video Requirements Submit your #MyUTRImpact video to be featured during the NYJTL Mayor's Cup!
Player Full Name
Player UTR
Player Age
Tell us how tennis has impacted your life, what does tennis mean to you.
Ex: Hi, my name is John Smith, I’m 15 years old and I’m a UTR 8.50. Tennis has had a big impact on my life because…”

1. Videos will be submitted to Greenfly. Team UTR will review and approve videos before they are made public, making sure that every video shines a positive light on both NYJTL and UTR.
2. Videos will be shared on @MyUTR Twitter, Instagram Facebook using the hashtag #MyUTRImpact, @NYJTL will monitor social platforms and re-post these videos on their social channels.
3. Approved videos will be shared to NYJTL and MyUTR YouTube channels

Winners Announced at Final Awards Show!