Women’s Sports Foundation Provides ACES Afterschool with New Digital Sports Education Platform

The Women’s Sports Foundation has provided NYJTL’s ACES Afterschool Program (ACES) with We Play Interactive as a new feature to be used in classrooms citywide. NYJTL has previously been supported by WSF’s sports education curriculums and is excited to now have access to its new digital platform. We Play Interactive is a fully accessible online learning platform for program leaders to create an emotionally and physically safe environment that empowers girls to explore and grow through physical activity and sport. The educational platform will be integrated into many ACES classrooms and can be used anywhere, at any time for students across all abilities.

We Play Interactive provides theme-based activity modules with easy-to-follow lesson plans with warmups, movement-based activities, mindfulness activities, reflections, and more. This includes a substantive video library of renowned female athletes to share with program participants to spark discussion and connection. It also offers program leaders training modules to enhance their skills and build community. NYJTL is happy to introduce innovative technology into our ACES classrooms to empower under-served students through tennis and education, and promote community across the populations we serve.