The May Racket

Under-resourced children need your voice now more than ever. New York City is cutting vital funds for summer programs across the city, and those children most at risk need our help to ensure that they are not left behind and forgotten this summer.

Please contact your local council member and let them know how important summer programming is to you! #FundYouthNYC

Art Class with Ms. Luz

Do you or a friend love Fortnite?  Then follow along with Ms. Luz as she shows us how to draw Peely from Fortnite!

Meeting the Ball with Coach Jeff

Follow along with Coach Jeff as he teaches us hand-eye coordination and warm up drills to get our bodies ready and loose!

Pulpo Lleno de Emociones

Crear un pulo que represente sus emociones! Usar papel, marcadores, y las tijeras!

Planks with Coach Danny

Work with Coach Danny to strengthen your core and straighten your posture by doing planks!

Self-inflating Balloon

Can you make a balloon inflate on its own? Learn with Mr. Kemal how you can make a balloon self-inflate with baking soda!

CTP Tennis Lesson of the Week

Introducing our digital tennis lessons brought to you by our Community Tennis Program! First up, Coach Christian, who is showing us backhand progression!

NYJTL would like to congratulate the graduating class of 2020!
A special shout out to one of our students, Alani Naje Connor on graduating from Mount Vernon High School!  We are very proud her journey from CTP to our Intensive Training Program! We will miss her, but we know that she will do amazing things on the tennis team at Chestnut Hill College.