The Racket

The Racket¬†ūüéĺ NYJTL Scholarship Opportunities Expand New York Junior Tennis & Learning (NYJTL)¬†believes¬†it¬†is important to build on¬†our¬†history of providing access to tennis by creating pathways to higher education for those with potential but not the resources to achieve it.¬†For more than a decade,¬†NYJTL has awarded¬†Victor Kiam ‚ÄúGoing¬†For¬†It‚ÄĚ Scholarships¬† to four high school seniors entering college.¬†¬†This […]

Women’s Sports Foundation Provides ACES Afterschool with New Digital Sports Education Platform

The Women‚Äôs Sports Foundation has provided NYJTL‚Äôs ACES Afterschool Program (ACES) with We Play Interactive as a new feature to be used in classrooms citywide. NYJTL has previously been supported by WSF‚Äôs sports education curriculums and is excited to now have access to its new digital platform. We Play Interactive is a fully accessible online […]

NYJTL Students Watch the Williams Sisters‚Äô Historic Rise in “King Richard”

On November 29,¬†2021,¬†students¬†and players¬†from¬†New York Junior Tennis & Learning (NYJTL)¬†programs were invited to watch¬†private screenings¬†of¬†King Richard.¬†The¬†biographical¬†Warner Bros. Pictures film follows the life of Richard Williams,¬†the steadfast father of tennis¬†legends¬†Serena and Venus Williams,¬†who¬†overcame seemingly unbeatable odds and rampant expectations by¬†training¬†his daughters¬†from¬†Compton, California¬†to¬†become¬†exemplary athletes¬†and role models¬†on¬†the global stage.¬†¬† Over the next month,¬†NYJTL is creating opportunities for¬†more than¬†1,000 […]

NYJTL’s Udai Tambar Appointed to Mayor-Elect Eric Adams’ Transition Team

New York Junior Tennis and Learning¬†(NYJTL)¬†is proud to¬†support¬†our¬†CEO & President Udai Tambar¬†as he joins¬†New York City¬†Mayor-elect Eric Adams‚Äô transition team¬†as a member of the Human Services Committee.¬†He will¬†join¬†a cadre¬†of skilled experts¬†who will¬†assist¬†Mayor-elect¬†Adams in his transition to City Hall on January 1, 2022.¬†His transition team consists of¬†hundreds of¬†changemakers across advocacy, nonprofit, and private sectors¬†who¬†will work collaboratively¬†to […]

Eagle Academy’s David Banks Named Next NYC Schools Chancellor

New York Junior Tennis & Learning (NYJTL) congratulates David Banks on being named the next chancellor of New York City’s public school system by Mayor-elect Eric Adams. The Eagle Academy is one of NYJTL’s ACES Afterschool sites and his effective leadership, especially in running the Eagle Academy Foundation and serving under-resourced communities, will make him a great advocate for all the New York City public school students.  

The Racket

The Racket¬†ūüéĺ NYJTL Partners with Grand Street Settlement The Community Tennis Program (CTP)¬†is now¬†partnering¬†with Grand¬†Street Settlement,¬†a historic social service institution that provides personalized resources and direct services to¬†NYC families and communities.¬†NYJTL‚Äôs¬†collaboration¬†with the institution¬†operates¬†in¬†Bushwick Cornerstone¬†and¬†Williamsburg Cornerstone,¬†with a third site at¬†Rutgers Cornerstone¬†by early next year.¬†Participants¬†at these new sites¬†will receive free tennis instruction with¬†equipment¬†provided¬†at no¬†cost.¬†NYJTL is excited to […]