CEO’s Statement on Asian Discrimination

One of the core values of NYJTL, the commitment to diversity and inclusion, has underpinned our beliefs and our programs since our founding fifty years ago.  Without question we work on behalf of all the children and families of New York City regardless of race, ethnicity or color.

As we’ve seen in the last year of the pandemic there has been a growth in violence toward people who are Asian Americans.  Stop AAPI Hate, an initiative that tracks incidents of hate and discriminations against Asian Americans, released data that between March 2020 and February 2021, nearly 3,800 firsthand accounts of anti-Asian incidents were reported.  In addition, a recent survey by the Pew Research Center documented that nearly 40% of Americans say that “it’s more common for people to express racist beliefs about people who are Asian American” today than before Covid-19.  We want to strongly reaffirm that anti-Asian discrimination and violence have no place in America and that we will do our part in supporting the Asian American community.

We need to raise our voices to condemn all forms of racism and stand for inclusion for all.

George Guimaraes

President & CEO