2021 Black History Month

Dear NYJTL Family:

Nearly fifty years ago New York Junior Tennis & Learning was founded on public tennis courts in the middle of the Bronx under the vision of Arthur Ashe.  Arthur’s vision was to serve under-resourced children through tennis, and ultimately education. Since its inception, Arthur has served as both NYJTL’s inspiration and beacon.

Arthur wanted to harness his power and influence to effect and promote long-lasting positive advancement for the Black community.  As the world awakens to the many existing hardships and inequities that the Black community faces every day, NYJTL wants to do everything within its power to promote equality, champion Black lives, and embrace NYC’s wonderful and beautiful diversity.

We believe that tennis and education are a catalyst for long-term achievement.  Tennis and education are a powerful combination that can develop, empower, and improve society.  We are committed to doing our part and serving our community and seeing that every child is fully prepared for their future, regardless of race, gender, or socio-economic status.

During Black History Month, we recognize our many heroes who came before us and celebrate their remarkable contributions to tennis, education, and humanity.  Our journey will highlight and laud Arthur Ashe’s legacy and the many influential Black people and their many endeavors who preceded and followed his important work on and off the court.

Please look for updates throughout the month and join us on Instagram/Facebook while we kick off the month honoring Arthur Ashe.