ACES Programs Run Strong Despite Pressures from Pandemic

As students return to school in the new year, evolving circumstances regarding the COVID-19 pandemic’s Omicron variant has created challenges for school administrators and families alike. New York Junior Tennis & Learning (NYJTL) is dedicated to supporting our schools and participants’ families as we navigate the ever changing nature of the public health crisis we are currently facing.  

Approximately 300,000 students missed class on average this week in the country’s largest school district, which serves one million young people. With new cases of the COVID-19 virus proliferating citywide, attendance in the first week back to school after the winter recess hovered around 70 percent. NYJTL ACES staff is committed to continuing to deliver specialized, high-quality enrichment programming throughout all of our sites. ACES sites and staff have been working together to provide supplies to ensure the safe delivery of programs that abide by all health regulations. Depending on the different sites, schedules have been changed to address the needs of specific student populations. All staff have been working diligently to support school principals and families in managing the changing challenges of the pandemic. Undoubtedly, our staff, families, and school administrators have been demonstrating resilience and adaptability when met with the demands of today.