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Take a look at our always-available video library to sharpen your tennis skills virtually.
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Warm Ups
Tennis Skill Foundations
Tennis at Home


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11 & Up Warm Up with Coach Sherry

Warm Up 5-8 with Coach Sherry

Tennis Foundations  with Coach Sherry Part 2


Warm-Up with Coach Angelica

Advanced 4-Step with Coach Sherry

Warm-Up with Coach Josh

Warm-up with Coach Fahim

Warm-Up Stretches with Coach Ikhari 





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Ladder Exercises  1 with Coach Greg

Push-up with Coach Fahim

Target Toss with Coach Joanna  




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Balloon tennis with Coach Sam

Balance & Coordination with Coach Angelica

Down’s Drill (Beginner’s Technique) with Coach Joyce

Tennis Roll Game (Beginner’s Technique) with Coach Joyce

ABC’s of Tennis with Coach Joyce

Shuffle Step Skill with Coach Joyce

Hand Eye Coordination (Toss Bounce and Clap) with Coach Sam

Hand Eye Coordination with Coach Angelica

Ups Drill (Beginners Technique) with Coach Joyce

Walk the Dog (Beginner’s Technique) with Coach Joyce

Getting in Gear (Balls of Feet Drill) with Coach Joyce

Racket Head Speed with Coach Angelica




[expand title =”Forehand (click to open)”]

Shadow Tennis Drills with Coach Josh

Inside Out Forehand with Coach Josh

Forehand and Backhands at Home Without a Racket with Coach Ikhari

Basic Forehand Technique with Coach Joyce




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Basic Backhand Technique (2 Handed and One Handed) with Coach Joyce

Shadow Tennis Drills with Coach Josh




[expand title =”Serving (click to open)”]

Toss and Height for a Basic Serve with Coach Joyce

Serve Progression with Coach Ikhari


Beginner Serve with Coach Josh 

Serve Motion with Coach Joyce




[expand title =”Volley (click to open)”]

Volley Drill with Coach Christian 






[expand title =”Tennis at Home (click to open)”]

Coach Nick Make a Racket Tutorial 

2D Net with Coach Josh

Coach Nick Makes Balls For Simple Drill