Spotlight: Qiana Levine’s Impactful Journey at PS127 


In the heart of Queens, at PS127, is Qiana Levine, an NYJTL ACES Program Director whose journey with the school is nothing short of inspiring. Celebrating nearly a decade of service, Qiana’s story is a testament to the profound impact one individual can have on the lives of many. 

Qiana’s path to PS127 began in an unexpected place: the retail world. While working at The Gap, her connection with a former colleague led her to discover an opportunity that aligned more closely with her passion for working with children and her educational background in forensic psychology from John Jay College. This transition from retail to youth development marked the beginning of a career dedicated to nurturing the next generation. 

Driven by an interest in understanding human behavior, Qiana initially pursued forensic psychology but found her calling in counseling and youth development. Her work at PS127 is a blend of her academic interests and her commitment to serving children who “look like me,” fostering an environment where young minds can see themselves reflected in their mentors. 

Qiana’s days are filled with managing the dynamic after-school program, from juggling administrative tasks to engaging directly with students and staff. Amid the chaos, her philosophy of treating each day as a unique adventure keeps her motivated. Her dedication extends beyond the program, especially in her role as a mother, ensuring her son experiences the joy and enrichment she strives to provide for every child at PS127. 

Qiana’s approach to leadership is rooted in compassion, consistency, and open communication. She has adeptly navigated challenges, including fostering strong relationships with school leadership and parents, to create a supportive and inclusive community. Her efforts have not only solidified the program’s presence but have also made a lasting impact on students and their families, many of whom see PS127’s after-school program as a second home. 

Qiana’s commitment to professional and personal growth led her to pursue a master’s degree in social work, further equipping her to make a difference in the lives of the children she serves.  

Through her leadership at PS127, Qiana Levine has created an environment where children can thrive, learn, and grow, supported by a community that believes in their potential. Qiana’s journey highlights the power of dedication, education, and compassion in transforming lives, making her a true inspiration to us all.