NYJTL Aces Clubs offer:

  • Tennis instruction

    Match and tournament play

  • Instruction in other sports

    Encouraging fun and activity

  • Wellness and nutrition

    Activities to promote healthy living

  • Homework help

    Staying on track for school success

  • Science and literacy activities

    Promoting academic achievement

  • Character education

    Inspiring capable, engaged, and responsible citizens

Arthur Ashe Educational Guidance Program provides:

  • Summer reading clubs

    Combating the “summer slide” in literacy among students from low-income neighborhoods

  • Comprehensive character education program

    Emphasizing trustworthiness, respect, and fairness

  • Admissions and financial aid counseling

    Helping with transitions into middle school, high school, and college

  • Step In and Follow Through Guidance Program

    Includes high school and college test prep, math and literacy tutoring, job readiness training and college visits

NYJTL Aces Clubs

NYJTL’s afterschool Aces Clubs provide safe and welcoming spaces where kids can enjoy healthy and enriching activities. Aces Clubs meet for three hours a day, five days a week during the school year. A day-long summer program is also available at partner schools.

Arthur Ashe Educational Guidance Program

Every child and teen who participates in any NYJTL program has access to support from the Arthur Ashe Educational Guidance program. Inspired by the example of Arthur Ashe and supported by generous donors and corporate partners, NYJTL nurtures the dreams of young people. Every one of our kids deserves to achieve something great—whether in tennis, in school, or beyond. We give them—and their families—the support they need to reach their potential. Program participants also can apply for college scholarships sponsored by NYJTL.


Contact Jessica Kruskamp at jkruskamp@nyjtl.org or call 317-417-8177