The Mayor Dinkins Cup is the largest free junior interscholastic tennis competition in the nation, with players from all over New York City representing public, parochial, and private schools. In 2022, we had 540 entries from public, private, and parochial schools in elementary, middle, and high school divisions and more than 500 kids in individual competitions representing all five boroughs and a total of 283 schools. 

Formerly the Mayor’s Cup, NYJTL renamed the tournament the Mayor Dinkins Cup to honor NYC’s first Black Mayor and NYJTL Board Member, who served 35 years, David N. Dinkins.

The Mayor Dinkins Cup will return June 10 to June 18!

2022 Mayor Dinkins Cup Final Awards Winners

Boys Varsity Team
Winner: Horace Mann High School
Runner-up: Hunter College High School

Boys Varsity Singles 
Winner: Shawn-Mitchell Yon
Runner-up: Erik Johansson

Girls Varsity Singles
Winner: Sophia Luo
Runner-up: Patrycja Filonik

Boys Varsity Doubles
Winner: Jake David / Soren Rudin-Aulenbach
Runner-up: Erik Johansson / Arjun Agostinho

Girls Varsity Doubles
Winner: Margaux Vasilescu / Elle Brown
Runner-up: Chase Thomas / Kate Bondarenko

Boys Middle School Singles
Winner: David Clarke
Runner-up: Lucas Zhang

Girls Middle School Singles
Winner: Debra Gil
Runner-up: Emma Palacio

Boys Middle School Doubles
Winners: Hudson Marston / Kai Levinger
Runner-up: Aaron Tokarz / Lielle Assayag

Girls Middle School Doubles
Winners: Sophia Chi-Chen / Debra Gil
Runner-up: Lilliana Chou / Elizabeth Sabaev

Boys Elementary School Singles- Yellow
Winner: Kobie Aranbayev
Runner-up: Kellan Stratton

Girls Elementary School Singles- Yellow
Winner: Daniella Yoguyman
Runner-up: Sarabeth Hoo

Boys Elementary School Singles- Green
Winner: Alexander Ferreira
Runner-up: Tate Halladay

Girls Elementary School Singles- Green
Winner: Mary Podkhyneychenko
Runner-up: Zara Henry-Joseph