Adult Programs

Our experienced and accomplished staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality adult tennis programming. We offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced lessons and league play for all NTRP ratings. Please see the drop-down menus below for scheduling and registration. For more information, contact Ahsha Rolle,  Director of Adult Programs at or 718.247.7420.

Indoor Session 2: January 28 - April 21, 2019

CLICK HERE to register for Indoor Session 2

Adult Beginner Clinics (NTRP 1.0-2.5) — Learn to Play
Discover the joy of tennis! We make it easy and fun to play the sport of a lifetime. All basics are covered with emphasis on learning by doing!

Monday        8-9:30 pm        12 weeks: $540
Thursday      8-9:30 pm       12 weeks: $540
Saturday       12-1:30 pm      12 weeks: $540
Sunday          9-10:30 am      12 weeks: $540

Adult Intermediate Clinics (NTRP 3.0-3.5) — Learn to Compete
Improve your match and league play with a well-balanced combination of technique, drills, strategy, and point play.

Monday         8-9:30 pm         12 weeks: $540
Thursday       8-9:30 pm        12 weeks: $540
Saturday       12-1:30 pm        12 weeks: $540

Adult Advanced Clinics (NTRP 4.0 & Above) — Be the Best you Can Be
If you are at least a strong 4.0 player looking to take your game to the next level, get in the action! Emphasis on more advanced stroke production, strategy and rigorous drills along with challenging match play.

Monday           8-9:30 pm         12 weeks: $540

Our leagues are a ladder system: players move up and down based on results. Players of similar levels are paired together each week.

Wednesday        8-9:30 pm       12 weeks: $420
Sunday                 8-9:30 pm       12 weeks: $420

*Only ONE makeup allowed. Makeup MUST be done within session.
**Each class requires at least TWO students to begin.

Women's High Performance Academy

CLICK HERE to register for the Women’s High Performance Academy.
*To confirm attendance each week, please email Ahsha Rolle with your time and date here!


Learn from USA Fed Cup players who have done it. World #1 doubles player, Liezel Huber teams up with world #82 singles player, Ahsha Rolle to create the Cary Leeds Center’s first-ever serious women’s tennis academy. Liezel and Ahsha will teach you to how to maximize your specific game style, learn proper court positioning, strengthen your body and mind, and improve your technique so that you no longer give away free points.


  • Weekdays: Monday – Friday, 10:30 am to
    12:30 pm*
    *Thursdays classes are 10 – 12pm, NTRP 4.0 – 5.0
  • Nights: Tuesday, 7 – 9 pm
  • Weekends: Sunday, 10:30 am to
    12:30 pm


  • One training session per week: $599
  • Two training sessions per week: $1099
  • Drop-in rate: $75

NEW Men's High Performance Academy

Our NEW Men’s High Performance Academy is designed by former tennis professionals to improve both singles and doubles tactics.
Each 90 minute session includes footwork and consistency drills, direction, and stroke development. Coaches work with you to highlight strengths and improve weaknesses.


  • Weekdays: Monday – Friday Mornings
  • Nights: Tuesdays
  • Weekends: Sunday Afternoons


  • 10 Classes: $450
  • Drop-in rate: $50

Email Coach Ahsha Rolle here with your level and availability to plan your session, or call our front desk at 718-247-7420.

Men's Doubles Clinic

Join us Sundays for a fun, Round Robin match play with former Davis Cup player, Michael Nortey!

Call us at 718-247-7420 or email Ahsha at to register.


  • Sunday           9-10:30 am            NTRP  4.0+
  • Sunday           12:30-2:30 pm      NTRP  3.0-4.0
  • Sunday           2:30-4:30 pm        NTRP  3.0-4.0


  • All sessions are $45.

About Michael Nortey:

Michael was a world ranked ATP tour player for Ghana and represented his home country in the 2007 Davis Cup. Equally adept at coaching, his passion for the game is infectious and comes through on court. As a professional coach at the Cary Leeds Center, he specializes in developing the skills and techniques of high-performance green dot players and improving match results for adults. Remembering his roots, Michael sends money and tennis equipment back to the young players of Ghana in order to encourage the same passion for the game that brought him to achieve world-wide success.

Men's Singles Tactics

Develop the necessary mental strategies and on-court tactics to beat your singles opponent! Our top professional coaches will indentify your strenghths and teach you to use them to your advantage, no matter what your opponent brings to the court.

Call us at 718-247-7420 or email Ahsha at to register.


  • Tuesdays     8 – 9:30 pm       NTRP 3.5
  • Tuesdays     8 – 9:30 pm       NTRP 4.5Players will be grouped on-court by NTRP


    • All sessions are $50.

Mixed Doubles Clinic

Call us at 718-247-7420 or email Ahsha at to register.

90 minutes per week with our team of tennis pros is all you need to take your doubles strategy to the next level! Coach Ahsha, former world #82, will teach you and your partner how to balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses and develop the correct tactics to come out on top. With special guest coach appearances from Liezel Huber, two time mixed doubles Grand Slam Champion and former pro doubles player Callum Poland-Smith, you’ll receive the highest quality instruction from pros who have done it.


      • Thursdays      8-9:30 pm     NTRP 4.0+


      • All sessions are $50. 

Cardio Tennis

Join us for our new Cardio Class, where you’ll work with our team of world-class coaches to get your heart rate up, improve your tennis skills, and get fit.

Call us at 718-247-7420 or email Ahsha at to register.


      • Sundays     3:30 – 5 pm


      • All sessions are $35.


Cary Leeds wins the Men’s USTA Bronx League
Congratulations to our 4.0 Men’s Team for going virtually undefeated in the regular season, winning the league! A fantastic group, thanks again to everyone involved!