An Essential Part of Brooklyn Communities

New York Junior Tennis & Learning (NYJTL) fosters holistic development for thousands of Brooklyn children and teens annually. Our free programming includes academic support, STEM and literacy activities, arts enrichment, wellness education, mentorship, test prep, tennis instruction, and more. Additionally, each year tens of thousands of Brooklyn students learn to play tennis in school from NYJTL-trained P.E. teachers.

By giving young people a wide range of accessible, no-cost opportunities to learn, play, and grow for more than five decades, we have become an essential part of communities throughout the borough.

Our annual impact in Brooklyn includes:

  • Supporting the academic, social-emotional, and physical development of 1,280 students in eleven Brooklyn public schools in our daily, comprehensive, school-based afterschool program. Read more about our ACES Afterschool Program.
  • Providing 943 Brooklyn students with summer academics and enrichment, helping them avoid the “summer learning slide” and continue their social-emotional growth between school years.
  • Offering free tennis instruction, equipment, and competition throughout the year to more than 2,290 Brooklyn participants, ages 5 to 19, at eight unique sites in the borough. Read more about our Community Tennis Program, including registration instructions.
  • Training more than 30 P.E. teachers from 24 Brooklyn public schools—and providing them with free equipment—so they can teach tennis to their students. Read more about our School Time Tennis Program.
  • Guiding 18 Brooklyn students in grades 3-12—selected based on their tennis commitment, scholastic achievement, and family income—along their paths to college, with intensive tennis coaching, tutoring, test prep, admissions counseling, and other critical support. Read more about our Scholar Athlete Program.

NYJTL is proud of its commitment to letting the profile of its students match the profile of New York City. More than 74% of our participants in Brooklyn are kids of color.

“It means that my school really cares about having other opportunities for us aside from just school itself. I like the program because it gives us new things to do, we can experience different things than we do in school, learn different techniques in our classes, and we can spend time with our friends and bond with each other.”

Nevaeh, NYJTL ACES Afterschool Program
8th grade, JHS383K (Bushwick)

“NYJTL means a lot of things, not just about sports and learning. It’s a social program — we can learn to make friends and we go on great trips. I like the program not only because most of my friends are here, but it also gives me time outside of school to do what I want to do, and try new things like tennis, playing basketball, and a variety of other activities.”

Trenton, NYJTL ACES Afterschool Program
8th grade, JHS383K (Bushwick)

“NYJTL’s goals are in alignment with what we believe as a community – focus on the whole child. The organization offers both enrichment and academic support with fitness and mental health all together. Students have the opportunity to engage in activities and develop interests that they may not have even known they had! NYJTL is not just “an after-school program” – they are truly a part of the PS 9 community.”

Principal, PS 009, NYJTL ACES Afterschool Program
Clinton Hill

“I love the Scholar Athlete Program and consider all of those involved in it as part of my family. This program gives me an environment and opportunity where I’m able to develop mentally with my character and physically in my tennis game. The staff here are all welcoming with smiles on their faces everyday, and provide us the routine and discipline we need to be successful. My goal in life is to grow the most I can, either playing D1 tennis in college, or even going pro!”

Julia, Brooklyn resident, NYJTL Scholar Athlete Program
9th grade, High School of Economics