Health and Safety Guidelines – Cary Leeds Center

The Cary Leeds Center for Tennis & Learning is committed to keeping its patrons, team members, and community safe while continuing to provide the highest quality programming.  

  • In an effort to provide a safe environment at the Cary Leeds Center, ALL guests seeking entry into the center must complete the Daily Sign-in Sheet upon arrival at the center.
      • For any players under the age of 18, the Daily Sign-in Sheet must be filled out by their parent/legal guardian
  • Please see attached for exposure/isolation/quarantine procedures¬†
    • Everyone is recommended to wear an approved protective face coverings, covering their nose and mouth but is not required within the clubhouse, and proper social distancing at a minimum of six feet is also recommended.
    • If you or your child are experiencing any symptoms, please do not attend the center and contact your health care provider immediately
    • If you or anyone in your household are waiting for a pending COVID-19 result, please do not attend
    • Anyone exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, either upon arrival or at any point on site, they will be asked to leave and in case of a junior player will be sent to a designated quarantine area, safely monitored, and their parent/legal guardian will be contacted immediately for pick up.
    • Routine cleaning and disinfection will be scheduled.

Annual Waiver and Release Form:

Cary Leeds Center Guiding Principles

  • Safeguard the health and safety of all staff and guests.
  • Emphasize equity and access by providing the opportunity for all children, adults and the entire community to access tennis and educational programming.
  • Continuously monitor, and when necessary, modify and adapt to fit needs, demands and/or mandates.
  • Incorporate recommendations and guidance from the all local, state and federal government agencies.