School Time Tennis Program

School Time Tennis Program (STP) trainings are run by NYJTL’s certified coaches with the purpose of instructing Physical Education teachers how to teach the fundamentals of tennis  in school and to provide instructional drills and games to uses during physical education time.

At the conclusion of training, each participant receives a set of new rackets and balls to be utilized at their respective school.  Teachers are provided with lesson links as well as a online recreational coaches’ guide, that contains development plans for children at the early stages of tennis learning.  A raffle is also held with the winner receiving a number of portable mini-nets for indoor usage (perfect for gymnasiums).

Traditionally six trainings are scheduled every year and held at the Cary Leeds Center for Tennis & Learning in the Bronx.  After the on-site training, additional on-site school trainings may be requested to support the initial training and to ensure that school time tennis is being executed well.

To learn more or to sign up for your free training please contact Scott Daly at or Alejandra Basaldua at